Saving Daddy's Soulmate

My Journey of Forgiveness

Trying to Reach You But You’re Out Of Touch

on March 20, 2014

skyIs this what you see Dad?  Or is just my view when I look up?  I’ve been crying for 2 days now and I have no understanding why I am crying.  I keep watching the Long Island Medium and sobbing as person after person is given that link to their deceased family members and here I am, bereft, alone and stunted.  I’ve watched so many episodes the last 2 days that I’ve decided I can’t watch anymore.  I called a medium today so that I could reach you, ask a few questions and perhaps somehow get some answers.

But $175 for a one hour session over 2 hours away by car seemed a bit steep to me.  Hell, I’d like to know where the life insurance money went so it’s not feasible for me to spend more money when there’s already money missing.  What did you do with that money?  To whom did you lend or give it?  I’d really like to know.  Mom wants to know, but knowing you, I’d rather keep that Pandora’s box shut, locked and never open it.

I did get on a psychic radio show today.  When I told them I was looking to hear from my Dad who was deceased, they laughed and said that just like at Christmas dinner you can’t predict what relatives show, this is the same.  And just like in real life, you continued to refuse to show just like you did for many holiday dinners.  I guess you had better places to be today.  I guess the ‘let the next son of a b” take care of it mentality reigns and I have to take care of myself as well.  What else is new?  I’ve always had to pick up the pieces in everyone’s lives.

They told me that I have healing powers in my hands.  That I’m an em-path which I actually already knew and that I was an ear to ear healer which means that I can simply listen to someone and help them to heal.  They asked if random people just told me things and I said they did.  It’s happened my whole life.  Strangers come and tell me their life story without any qualms.  It’s amazing to me the secrets I know.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t know.

I guess you’re not ready to talk with me.  Or perhaps all the medium mumbo jumbo is just mumbo jumbo and not real.  You communicate readily with my son and unfortunately I was able to monitor you when you were alive but now I can’t.  I”m asking that you communicate with me.  Leave him be for now.  Let HIM have a childhood please.


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