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Dream Interpretation Help Please!

on September 7, 2013


In my dream last night, I was living in an apartment. I remember that my Mom lived there too for some reason. But we each had our own bedrooms. I was in my room and realized that they were going to clean it, so I was leaving. As I passed the staircase, my mom was there on the phone with someone and she was explaining her taxes. She was telling them why she did this and that on her taxes. As I stood there listening to her sometimes twist her reasons for things, I realized that she was talking with the accountant. She sounded so sure of herself. I remember thinking how proud I was because she’d come so far. She’d been delivered a blow (Dad’s death) and kept going. I was happy.

So I decided to go to the kitchen since they were vacuuming my room. As I walked into the communal kitchen, there stood my Dad. He shyly smiled at me and I stood there with my mouth hanging open, unable to say anything to him. Mom appeared after a few minutes and when she saw him too, nobody said a word for a long time.

We just looked at one another. It has been over a year since he’s been dead.

He said, “I’m back. Sorry I was gone for so long, but I had things I had to do.” I was speechless. I was enraged. I was saddened to my very core. I said nothing. I turned away and left the kitchen. I went back up to my room only to find the door locked. So I had to climb on a balcony to let myself in the unlocked door on the other side.

There was no way I was able to speak to him. My phone rang and someone called again looking for Dad. I told them he was dead. Because he is dead to me.

Then I laid down on the bed and cried. I was so shocked. I was beaten inside. There are no words to express how I felt.

Here he shows up thinking it will all be ok. We went through hell for him and now he comes back?

And then I woke up. Disorientated. Not sure because it all felt so real. And I had to think, he’s dead right? I saw his dead body. I know he’s dead. He’s not just left us and now come back. I’m still in my house with my family. That was just a dream. But it felt so real.

What does it mean?


4 responses to “Dream Interpretation Help Please!

  1. dennie2356 says:

    I hate dreams like that. I can’t give you an answer to what it all means, but you KNOW that you have tons of unexamined, unresolved stuff with him. My guess is that writing brings it up even as you sleep.
    I’ll never forget a dream I had after a therapy session about my abuse. In it I was being fist-raped,(to even type that was difficult) and trying to scream, but couldn’t. I couldn’t wake up. It was horrible, and I still remember the feeling today. It felt real, too.
    Again, I would encourage you to look for support groups, especially ACOA. If you’re not ready, that’s okay, too. But to know the help is there might offer some comfort if you decide to go.
    And keep writing!

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