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Daily Prompt ~ A Rose By Any Other Name…

on September 2, 2013


Daily Prompt: Name that… You!
by michelle w. on September 2, 2013

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us IDENTITY.

I identify with a rose. It was always my favorite flower, although I must admit that I’ve branched out (pun intended) and I like all different types of flowers, especially those with a scent like lilacs or peonies. But I digress.
When I asked where I got my name, my parents finally confessed that they found it on a tombstone while walking through a cemetary. Fact is that I’ve never liked my name, but I’ve had it for too long now to change it. When I was in college, I would know when I’d had enough to drink when I couldn’t remember my first name. I’m sure there’s something psychologically messed up with that fact, but it’s true. I could tell you the rest of my long birth certificate list of names, but always I missed my first name. That’s when I knew it was bedtime.
I’ve had nicknames, but none of which have stuck which is fine with me. I like the name Tommie and have used it on many occasions and even in a job since there was another girl with my name at the same business. My inner self feels more like a Tommie than my birth name. My birth name is hardly ever pronounced correctly which I find annoying and a reminder that my parents did what they wanted without thought to consequences. It’s not like they live with this name.


2 responses to “Daily Prompt ~ A Rose By Any Other Name…

  1. dennie2356 says:

    Okay-this friggin’. daily prompt confused me. First–is that your post above? How did you get the rose on your page? Wasn’t that on the Daily Prompt page? Do you re-blog? And while I’m at it, how the hell do you get all those gorgeous pix on your posts? Yesterday I downloaded Zemanta, and tried to use it for my post last night, but for some reason, it blocked a bunch of my copy and I couldn’t see the type. On the edit page. I spend HOURS trying to figure all this out. It’s frustrating!
    So. If in fact that IS your post up there, how cool is it that we both have boys’ names? I so wanted to do my name story but wasn’t sure if I was supposed to somehow carry that daily prompt over to my blog, or just write, or what.
    Today’s prompt is inspiring as well, so if I get it figured out, maybe I’ll write about both tonight.
    As for your recent post. You are surrounded by — I was going to use a derogatory word, but thought better of it—-very. sick. people. You are getting better. Next time your outlaws park themselves in your driveway, walk outside, close the door behind you, smile sweetly and say how sorry you are but you’re right in the middle of something and you would love to entertain them at another time.And please call ahead so they won’t waste their time driving over here because you know they’re busy also. And as they stand there with their mouths open because they NEVER had their daughter in law speak to them like that, you excuse yourself, walk back inside and close the door.
    They’ll be pissed. You might freak. But you need to start somewhere. Ain’t easy.
    Write back.

    • Hi Dennie! I didn’t know that the daily prompt had a rose on it. That pic is from my garden. I just insert the pics at the top of the blog post. Use insert media and follow the directions. I like to have a picture begin whatever I’m telling. I don’t have a boy’s name, but that’s the name I’d like ~ the girl version of a boy’s name. Mine is an unusual name and for privacy sake I have to keep it that way (just in case the inlaws find out about my blog!) LOL
      I am trying to get healthy which means breaking out of the molds I’ve been nesteledd in for more than 40 years. It ain’t easy as you say, but it’s worth it! Just taking baby steps these days. They all go ballistic when I take giant steps! Ha Ha ~ FYI they would lose their minds if I did as you suggested, but don’t think that I haven’t imagined doing that and more! 🙂 I have to keep the peace as well for hubby/kids. Funny, I do freak when I stand up for myself! You are so smart!

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