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Is it PC to tell?

on August 11, 2013


It’s not politically correct to tell the family secrets.  This I know.  But I think that when those secrets are choking you, perhaps there’s a loophole in the rules of life.  Perhaps you are allowed if you do it for yourself and not in order to hurt others, but to heal yourself.  At least this is what I’m hoping for it’s not my intention to hurt anyone else.  It’s my intention to save and to heal myself.

There are many politicians with other lives, dark sides of themselves that surely that they’d not like to have light shed on them.  My family isn’t political, but our family shared that link of ‘other life’ which you wouldn’t want brought to light.

I remember when I first learned the secret.  It was from my sister.  It was to her that my Mom revealed the secret.  She told her while Dad was still alive.  She told her while she was driving on the highway, going 55 miles an hour with her sleeping toddler in the car.  She changed our lives forever by revealing that secret and cementing the stories we vaguely remembered.  And then, my Mom in being herself, after dropping the bomb so to speak, changed the subject and went on to talk of something silly and mundane, leaving my sister reeling in the knowledge.

I remember my sister calling me that day.  She told me she had knowledge that she wished she had never had about our family.  She told me that she wanted to give me the opportunity to decide whether I wanted to know it, but that once I learned it.  I could never go back.  She tried to warn me.  She told me that she wished she didn’t know and she wanted to protect me, as I had protected her for all of the years of her life.  But I couldn’t let her bear it alone.  We had come too far.  As sisters and siblings, we’d only had each other although many times we had been separated by him.  We had lost the sibling bond because he made his love and attention a competition.

It was knowledge that once we knew, we could never go back to unknowing which lead to many hardships in regards to our family relationships.  So is it PC to tell a family secret?  I don’t know, but I can tell you that I need to share, I need to let it go.  He is dead and I am still alive.

Please bear with me as I bare myself.  It may not be PC, but it’s life.  And sometimes life isn’t politically correct is it?

Daily Prompt: P.C.

Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion?


4 responses to “Is it PC to tell?

  1. I don’t think pc comes into play unless you are using it to bring someone down publicly. You most definitely are not after that end. You are working to heal your heart and soul. You can’t just swallow your reality and pray for amnesia to appear. This is not about dishing the scoop. This is about saving your life – literally. Lots of love to you.

    • Your support and understanding are the key factors for me. Thank you for both as I am truly grateful. Sometimes I feel I could write 10 posts in a row and sometimes I feel like I should remain quiet after all these years.

  2. If holding it in hurts, it needs too be let out so you can heal. Like you said, it’s not about hurting others. This is for you. Opening up can be painful, but it gives the hurt a chance to go away. As long as you hold on to it, it will never go away. You have been in my thoughts.

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